Pops wrote these WWII poems and stories: Part 1

That Good Ole Army Line

It’s every time we go to dine

Well, all we do is stand in line,

and every time a whistle blows —

it’s Stand In Line you G.I. Joes.

And everytime we get our pay

We stand in line darn near all day.

And when they pay they say to us,

“Deducts, you know, we simply must.”

But every time I stand in line

I think of the time when I got mine,

I was standing in line to get some gum

When a Doctor said, “Two shots or One?”

Now listen, Bud, if you can’t see

The end of the line you’d better be

Careful of what’s around the corner

You may end up by being a goner.

–Pvt. Daniels

Grady Edgar Daniels, my grandfather, wrote this and we found it in an old box with some of his Army things. He always told stories of all kinds, with a little twinkle in his eye and a crooked grin. We lost him in 2010. He received a bronze star for his service following an injury from the battle on Okinawa. He is the handsome soldier in the bottom row, middle that looks too tall to be made to squat. This was taken near Mineral Wells, TX where he did his basic training in 1943.

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