Your Story is Worth Telling

Not just the work you do, but your story is a great way to explain why you do what you do. This is exactly why we must reimagine our bios.

I believe everyone has a great story to tell. Maybe that is why I love prequels, it explains why we do what we do. Going through some of my family scrapbooks and photos helped me realize how wonderful, and powerful our stories can be. On the weekends, I work on my maternal grandfather’s story. You’ve seen some chapters on this blog. After him, I want to dig in on other grandparents and great grandparents. There is something about these two generations that fascinate me. They lived through so much, showed such grace and wisdom. I am proud they are part of my heritage. I don’t want to lose sight of what they taught me.

Your story is just as powerful, and it impresses on your work every day. Let’s just start with a reimagining of our bio.

What led you to choose your path? Was it your family expectations? Good luck? Or troubling circumstance? These origin stories are important and I say include them as you describe why you have the passion for what you do.

You experienced roadblocks. What were they, and how did you overcome that to get to the next chapter? Life happens. The more you can discover within your own story and tell that story, the better you will be at making the next chapter even better.

Let’s do this together, and share our stories. I look forward to hearing more.

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